Taxi poems published by Eurolitkrant

Remember taxis? A regular feature of professional and personal life for many – and then absent from those same lives since early 2020. M. E. Grey has selected a series of poems featuring taxis for publication in Eurolitkrant:

  • taxi driver
  • Through the bois after nightfall
  • Relation to an abstract shape
  • taxi poem
  • walking poem

Eurolitkrant is an interdisciplinary, European, online literary journal recently launched by Ali Bader.

New work in The Circle 19, anthology launch and reading

Three poems from M. E. Grey will feature in The Circle 19: A Brussels Anthology: ‘flashbulb handshake’, ‘impact pathway metric’, and ‘scenario’.

The Circle 2019 is the new anthology from the Brussels Writers’ Circle, edited by Cynthia Huijgens and featuring twenty seven writers from fourteen countries.

The anthology launch takes place at Brussels Waterstones on Tuesday 26th November from 17:30 until 19:00.

M. E. Grey will be reading at a second event at Muntpunt Grand Café on Saturday 30th November, from 19:00 until 21:00, featuring readings and discussions with Huijens and contributing authors.

The anthology is available to purchase from Brussels Waterstones, Amazon and elsewhere.


First poems posted in ‘Pages of an Autumn Journal’ sequence

‘Pages of an Autumn Journal’ is a sequence of poems written between October and December 2016. The poems offer the perspective of a British narrator based in Brussels, and her/his political, personal and professional experiences during that period. In this engagement with matters public and private during a season of turbulent events, they have a precedent in Louis Macneice’s Autumn Journal of 1938.

The poems are now being published one year later at, between October and December 2017, following the timeline of their composition. In this way, they allow the reader to experience how the experiences described in the poems unfolded, as well as finally offering a record, through one poetic interpretation, of their specific period and place in history.

Citizens of Everywhere publishes ‘Power Mediated: Three Poems from Brussels’

The Citizens of Everywhere project, from the Centre for New & International Writing at the University of Liverpool, has published a blog piece by M E Grey, including three poems examining different ways that political or bureaucratic power can be discussed, and challenged or valued, in poetry.

The Citizens of Everywhere project is commissioning writers, artists, scientists, academics, cultural organisers and more to write for the Guardian and the Conversation. Their blog also provides a home for writers tackling issues related to citizenship, belonging and borders in the aftermath of Theresa May’s ‘citizens of nowhere’ speech in October 2016. Content ranges from reflections on the borderless nature of plastic waste, to work on the linguistics of politics that is ripe for rediscovery.