‘swan’ appears in Still Dancing, by Habib William Kherbek

A new poem by M. E. Grey, ‘swan’, appears in the flipbook Still Dancing: Writing about dancing about architecture, infrastructure, access, economics, inter alia, published by TLTRPreƟ. The book brings together Kherbek’s photographs of a performance by dancer Leah Katz, alongside poems and prose from Sydney Beaumont, Alexis Calvas, Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec, Susan Finlay, M. E. Grey, Mina Khanlarzadeh, and Greg Nissan, with the collective aim of opening ‘new approaches to thinking about dance’ – and advertising, public transport, social media…

From the work of Kitty Ray Harper Fedorec:

What if we’re not always our best? I mean – we’re not always at our best, are we? What if your best is not my best?
If I take out of my zoetrope all the photos bar the one where all four hooves are off the ground, the horse can no longer run.

From ‘Movement for Beginners’, by Greg Nissan:

you should know
the camera adds
four corners
to your hips